Urban Services offered by Masuen Consulting, LLC


Urban greenspaces are vital to our health and well-being as they improve environmental quality, deliver necessary aesthetics, mitigate heat island effect, provide recreational opportunities, generate wildlife habitat, and add value to any project. In order to sustain such environments, it is essential to have a reliable, efficient, effective, and cost-sensitive water supply. Water shortages, drought, rising operational costs, litigation, regulations, public relations and more are all making the need for professional water management critical to developers, homeowner associations, governmental agencies, commercial and industrial businesses, and others.

Masuen Consulting, LLC has a long and extensive track record of being creative and thinking ‘outside the box’ to develop and deliver aesthetically pleasing and functional landscape and irrigation designs. These designs provide unparalelled water management solutions. Simply stated, our design, technical consulting and water management professionals deliver solutions which are welcoming and pleasing to the eye yet functional in saving money, time and water.

Masuen Consulting, LLC employs landscape architects, site planners, irrigation engineers, environmental engineers, civil engineers, horticulturalists, arborists, soil scientists, agronomist, and construction managers. These professionals collaborate with you by listening to your needs and concerns, developing and implementing pertinent and proven solutions, and offering professional plant and water management services for the life of the project.

Urban Services

We work with site planners, landscape architects, engineers, governmental entities and others to help them enhance the services they deliver by significantly improving the water footprint and management capabilities of their deliverables.

  • Landscape irrigation design: new and retrofits
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Technical consulting:
    • pumps
    • filtration
    • drip
    • central control
    • specialized sensor technology
    • irrigation system design and operation
    • water quantity and water quality
    • storm water management
    • rainwater harvesting
    • water source identification and development
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Construction observation
  • Construction management
  • Water management
  • Educational seminars and training events

Urban Resources