Mitchel Walker

Mitchel Walker: 866-928-1533 ext 212
Founder & CEO
Newport, Washington

With strong passions to care for the land, use water responsibly, and always do the “right thing,” Mitch prides himself on having a deep understanding of the big picture, making data-driven decisions, and providing solutions which deliver value to his customers.

He believes in surrounding himself with outstanding people, outlining their mission, providing them the tools and the authority to get the job done, then getting out of their way and watching as they exceed his and the client’s expectations.

Mitch is very proud of the company and team he and his wife Michele have built over the past 26+ years. As a former landscape and irrigation contractor, an active farmer/rancher, and owner of Masuen Consulting, he has gained extensive hands-on experience “in the field”. This complements his more than 20 years of advanced institutional learning in biology, zoology, horticulture, agriculture, real estate, land management, and construction management.

Mitch holds a Bachelors Degree in Zoology and a Master Degree in Construction Management. In addition he has multiple certifications from the Irrigation Association and is a Florida state certified irrigation contractor. His areas of expertise include water management infrastructure, complex control systems, solving difficult technical issues, alternative water sources and supplies, and agricultural, landscape, and golf irrigation design.

Jon Peters

Jon Peters
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Phone: 866-928-1533 ext 216

Jon started in agriculture, working as an Agronomist in the Pacific Northwest, where he specialized in irrigated, crops such as bluegrass seed, peppermint, and hops, He worked with commercial farmers from the rolling hills of the Palouse to western Canada, consulting and selling fertilizer, agri-chemicals, and seed contracts. Advancing to manager of several locations of an international agricultural supply company, Jon’s interest in technology grew, as he implemented the use of GPS soil sampling, variable rate application, soil moisture monitoring, and more.

His interest in technology drove a career change in 2004 when he joined a small soil moisture sensor manufacturer. Jon created and led the sales and marketing divisions growing the company into an international competitor in irrigation central controls, irrigating many of the largest projects, school districts and parks departments in the US and Internationally.

Jon joined Masuen Consulting in 2021, bringing over 30 years of business leadership, agronomics, and irrigation central controls experience to the team. Jon earned his Certified Crop Advisor designation from the American Society of Crop Advisors and has business and agronomic training from the University of Idaho, Washington State University, and Oregon State University.

Leroy Lee

Leroy Lee: 866-928-1533 ext 215
Water Management Supervisor
Spirit Lake, Idaho