Golf Course Services offered by Masuen Consulting, LLC


In the world of golf, water is central to the superintendent's ability to do their job well. Adequate and timely water management not only provides a green and healthy turf but ensures a proper playing surface, which directly and indirectly affects the play of the game.

Masuen Consulting, LLC's irrigation design, technical consulting, and water management professionals can work with any superintendent, greens committee, municipality, or owner. We work to improve the course's water management strategies to ensure the proper look, feel and play of the course is obtained while using considerably less water, resulting in greater efficiency.

Masuen Consulting, LLC's golf course irrigation system designers, agricultural, civil and environmental engineers, agronomists, horticulturalists, and construction and water managers collaborate with our clients to deliver course specific solutions with significantly better results than normally found within the industry.

Golf Services

  • Golf course irrigation system designs:
    • new systems
    • retrofitting of existing systems
  • Technical consulting on:
    • pumps
    • filtration
    • drip
    • central control
    • specialized sensor technology
    • irrigation system design and operation
    • water quantity and water quality
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Construction observation
  • Construction management
  • Water management
  • Water sourcing/supply identification and development

Golf Resources