Agricultural Services offered by Masuen Consulting, LLC


In today's world of increased regulation, thinner margins, water right litigation and curtailments, negative publicity and more, it is vital for every farming and ranching operation to manage their water resources efficiently and effectively. The reality is, effective and efficient water management saves money, improves yields, and should be a part of all farming and ranching operations concerned with maintaining a sustainable and viable operation for present and future generations.

Masuen Consulting, LLC has the experts to help you manage your water resources efficiently. Some on our staff are active farmers and others have grown up on a farm or ranch. We have a deep understanding of, and respect for, the challenges and needs of today's farming and ranching operations. Our highly trained staff have degrees, certifications and/or have extensive experience in agronomy, agricultural engineering, agricultural production, pumps and filtration, irrigation design, computerized controls, and much more.

We listen to your needs, review and evaluate your farm or ranch, review your goals, and tailor unique solutions to meet those specific needs and goals. More importantly, once a solution is delivered, we can assist you with solution implementation, ongoing management, and/or evaluation and improvement recommendations. Our goal, simply put, is to help you achieve yours.

Agricultural Services

  • Irrigation system design: pivot, drip, and more
  • Remote irrigation management: computerized central control and sensor technology
  • Agricultural crop management plans
  • Holistic grazing management plans
  • NRCS TSP certified professional services
  • Technical consulting on everything crop/water related
  • Water sourcing/supply identification and development

Agricultural Resources