What values drive Masuen Consulting

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    Year Founded: 1995

    Company Entity: Limited Liability Company

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    Company Biography

    Masuen Consulting, LLC is an outdoor water management and sustainability consulting firm serving the agricultural, urban, and golf course markets. The company is focused on working hand in hand with engineering and landscape architecture firms, farmers, ranchers, developers, governmental agencies, golf course superintendents, and other property owners to sustainably manage their outdoor water resources. Solutions are provided with the intent of meeting each client’s specific goals and objectives, today and into the future, in a financially responsible and holistic manner.

    Masuen Consulting, LLC provides these services via a unique perspective and a specialized skill set uncommon to the marketplace. We provide a bridge of knowledge and understanding between theory and real world functionality ensuring solutions are effective, efficient, cost conscious and deliver unequaled value.

    The company employs agricultural, civil and environmental engineers, landscape architects, agronomists, horticulturalists, arborists, construction managers, agricultural specialists, farmers, ranchers, range managers, turf specialists, site planners, and more. Our professionals work in a collaborative manner and are capable of handling the most complex problems while delivering practical and easy to understand designs, technical consulting and management solutions.

    Masuen Consulting, LLC operates throughout the United States and abroad. We have staff residing in the states of Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Washington.

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    Company Philosophy

    Masuen Consulting, LLC and its staff provide their services based on project-specific facts, scientific knowledge, real-world experience and verified results. We are guided by our core values of respect, honor, trust, integrity, straight talk and believe the customer always comes first; and we NEVER compromise on these values.

    If you want to work with a company who will listen to your wants, needs, goals and objectives, you have found your consultant. If you want a firm who will then provide time-tested, effective, efficient, non-biased solutions, which will save you time, money and water, then we look forward to working with you.


    Mitchel Walker, Founder & CEO - Member ASIC/IA/USGBC/FNGLA/TNLA

    Company History

    In 1995 Mitchel Walker started Walker Consulting & Design Group in Miami, Florida. The company was, and still is, focused on providing water conservation solutions to the Landscape, Golf, and Agricultural industries as well as all levels of government. Our company offers expertise in all facets of a project including design, construction, maintenance, and management.

    The company became Masuen Consulting, a general partnership, in 1997 after merging with 'By Design', a horticultural consulting and design firm owned by Michele Masuen. Masuen Consulting changed to its current name of Masuen Consulting, LLC, a limited liability partnership, in 2004. The company opened offices in Florida in 1995, Washington in 2005, Texas in 2007, and Georgia in 2008.