Headquarters Honda

Clermont, Florida

Green Building, Water Conservation

Focused Project

Headquarters Honde Exterior

Project Overview

Headquarters Honda is located in the midst of popular central Florida. It is the only USGBC LEED Platinum certified Honda dealership in Florida. The project involved expanding and upgrading an existing dealership facility to include new drought tolerant landscaping, irrigation, rain watch catchment and a green roof. The site had an existing unused 10,000-gallon below-ground cistern and a proposed 7,500-gallon above-ground cistern, both of which were ultimately used to store rainwater for the irrigation system.

Rainwater was collected from the building roof and parking area run off. In order to serve a 9-acre retail site, many 'back door' areas were not irrigated. In a retail environment, the risk of significant plant material loss from lack of water was a major concern and so a back-up water supply was desired by the owner to refill the cisterns in case of extreme drought. This back-up supply was provided from groundwater.

Honda Green Roof

Figure 1: Green roof during establishment

Honda Cistern

Figure 2: Rainwater cistern

The System


  • 10 Zones
  • Drip tubing on all plantings
  • Bubblers on all trees
  • Drip on green roof
  • Rain water harvesting

The irrigation design used drip tubing for all plantings on the site including on the green roof. The turf species was selected specifically for drought tolerance and was not irrigated. Bubblers were used for all trees.

Tree establishment is generally measured in months/years, where shrub and turf establishment are generally measured in days. Accordingly, there is a separation of the bubblers from the rest of the irrigation system to prevent over-watering of the entire site just to meet the water requirement of the trees. Likewise, hydrozoning of the other plant material was also accomplished.

Automated float level controls were built into the cistern's pump system in order to protect the pump and to coordinate the refill requirement of the cistern when necessary.